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square valve BC-BR range

BC BR square valves description

BC-BR VADE square valves are specifically designed according to the requirements of each type of application and equipment.

They have been conceived to be installed under a hopper, discharging bins, storage of solid products.

They are always mounted on a vertical line.

Its design is based on the non-existence of guides or areas where the product might tend to build up and cause destructions, instead the blade slides along some wheels or some fixed supports.

This way, the fluid gets down through the valve eliminating any possibilities for any build-up of the product.

Since there are no established connection standards, BC and BR VADE square valves are designed according to the customer’s requirements.

Within the BC model we manifacture a wide range of valves for square or rectangular shape lines.

Among them, we can supply: valves with two pneumatic actuators and a single stroke, fully closed and bonneted valves, valves with inflatable sealing chambers, etc.

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